The EC PTO board looks at the needs of the school each year and depending on those needs, we work
to coordinate various fundraising activities.  The funds raised at Eagle Crest go three different places:

1.  EC PTO       2.  EC School      3.   EC Student Council.

Here are this year's Eagle Crest PTO Fundraisers.  (2016-17)

ACTIVE Fundraiser:  (The PTO asks you directly for donations.)

  • Laps 4 Leadership  September 16, 2016    (This is our PTO's ONLY direct ask fundraiser.)  

PASSIVE Fundraisers:  (Easy to do actions that involve little to no extra work on our parts but garner support through organizations that offer an incentive to shop at their stores and in return, give a portion of the proceeds back to Eagle Crest each year. ( Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see details about all of these programs.)      

  • King Soopers   $20,000 GOAL (Easy to do)  Gas & Groceries (12 month program)
  • Box Tops  $ 1600 GOAL  (Easy to do)  All year - Have your students save box tops and turn them in monthly.  Watch your Thursday folders for info.
  • Payback Books  $ 500 GOAL  (Easy to do)  Year Long Sale ( Books available at PTO events & from the EC front office.)
  • Amazon Smile  $ 500 GOAL  (Easy to do)  Online  - Anytime you shop on Amazon/Amazon Prime designate Eagle Crest as your school!  It's so easy!
  • Milk Caps $ 500 GOAL (Easy to do)  All year  - Drop off your Longmont Dairy caps near the front office in the collection bin.  (Clean LD Caps only please.)
  • Restaurant Nights $1500 GOAL (Easy to do) An easy way to raise money and avoid cooking dinner!

This is the place to find out all of the juicy details
about EC PTO's fundraising activity at Eagle Crest this year.


(PTO Fundraiser)   
In 2015-2016, Eagle Crest received almost $15,000 from this program!

**This is NOT your 'coupon card,' it is a reloadable gift card.**

King Soopers donates 5% of your bill back to Eagle Crest
every time you purchase gas or groceries.

Just remember to load your card either at customer service
or have the cashier load it before the scan your items.
If you forget, ask the cashier to suspend your transaction.    
Load your card and then begin again.  It's easy!

Don't forget to load extra $ onto your card INSIDE THE STORE
and use it AT THE GAS PUMP just like a credit card.
This simple action on your part can make a HUGE difference!

Get a card for friends and relatives too!  Wherever King Soopers
cards are accepted they can use our Eagle Crest reloadable cards
and a donation will be made to Eagle Crest. Send a card to your
elatives nationwide and they can help out too!   See the list of brands.

King Soopers Community Rewards Information

It's easy, here's how:

Step 1: Get a card from the Eagle Crest PTO or at the office.  It comes pre-loaded with $2.50 on the card.

Step 2: Go to King Soopers/City Market and fill your cart with everything you need.

Step 3: At the cashier, show them your re-loadable gift card and tell them that you'd like to ADD money to the card.  When prompted by the cashier, you just swipe your credit card and voila!   The money is now on your King Soopers Re-loadable Gift Card.  Up to $500 can be loaded onto the card.

Step 4: The cashier will ring up your groceries and to pay for your transaction, you will swipe your King Soopers Re-loadable Gift Card.  The amount remaining on the card will be listed on your receipt.  You can use the card out at the gas pump after you head outside!

Step 5: Keep the card and continue to re-load the card whenever the dollar amount is low.  [If the card has a $0. balance for more than 30 days, the card will not function as a gift card any longer.]

Other important information:

  • Rewards Cards function like cash and cannot be replaced.  They are identified as fundraiser cards and should be reloaded and NOT thrown away.
  • Cards can also be used at the King Soopers/City Market and Loaf & Jug gas stations as seen in the above map.
  • The card CAN NOT be loaded with additional money at the pump but the teller inside the little box at the gas station can put money on it for you just like inside the store.  When/if your card has any money on it, you can swipe it at the pump to purchase gas.  Just type in your normal King Soopers Customer number first and when prompted to select payment, just slide your Re-loadable Gift Card.  You will see your card balance flash on the screen briefly.

Eagle Crest PTO receives 5% of all purchases.  
This has proven to be an excellent fund raiser for our school.  It's hard to believe, but we have received over $100,000+ over the last 8 years just through buying our groceries and gas.  
We are able to support field trips and projects like the Eagle Crest Maker Space Library!   




Need a card?  You can pick-up a card at the Eagle Crest front office or at our EC PTO Community Meetings.
Have questions?  Contact Christina E. at




Amazon Smile
(PTO Fundraiser)

If you shop on Amazon, here's another easy way for you to help Eagle Crest. Get signed up today!

Start your purchase on the AmazonSmile page and Amazon will donate
.5% of the amount of your purchase to Eagle Crest.  How cool is that?

During the 2015-16 school year, we raised over $200!

Box Tops for Education
(PTO Fundraiser)

We collect General Mills box tops through out the year.  
Each month we sponsor contests to collect as many box tops as we can.  
The sheets go home in Thursday folders or you can collect them in a plastic bag or envelope.  Make sure the teachers name is clearly marked on the item when you turn it in.  
During the 2014-15 school year, we have raised over $1300!

Milk Caps for Moola - Longmont Dairy Program
(PTO Fundraiser)

There is a collection bin for milk caps located outside the office at school.

Please make sure the caps are washed and clean.

ONLY Longmont Dairy caps are accepted.

During the 2015-16 school year, we have raised over $1300!

Look what some other schools have accomplished with their Milk Cap program!


Payback Coupon Book
(PTO Fundraiser)

These books have coupons for restaurants and entertainment venues in the Longmont/Boulder area.

Payback books will NOT be sent home with students
as they have been in the past.

This year, if you want a Payback Coupon Book
you will need to buy one at a PTO event/meeting, 
or in the Eagle Crest Front Office.  

COST:  $20   ($10 of that comes back to the EC PTO)
*Digital coupons are available through the Talool App this year.

Make checks payable to:  Eagle Crest PTO

During the 2015-16 school year, we raised over $700!


Restaurant Nights
(PTO Fundraiser)

An easy way to raise money and avoid cooking dinner!
During the 2015-16 school year, we raised over $1300!