King Soopers Gift Cards


not the same as your store coupon card

King Soopers donates 5% of your bill back to Eagle Crest every time you purchase gas or groceries.

Do you use Click List at King Soopers?  Great news!  You can still use your Eagle Crest King Soopers card to benefit the PTO.  

When you submit your online order, you will still need to provide your credit card number just as you normally do (the store does not yet charge your card but rather holds the number until you pick up your groceries).  When you arrive at the store and phone in to have them bring out your items, simply let the King Soopers representative know that you would like to use your prepaid card.  If you need to reload your card, you may do so at this time.  The extra step is 100% worth it with 5% back on all purchases!  Thank you for supporting this extremely rewarding fundraising initiative.  

Eagle Crest PTO will provide you with a gift card containing $2.50 at your request. Just load it up at the cashier BEFORE you scan your items and pay for your purchases with the loaded gift card. Eagle Crest gets 5% of everything you spend. It's easy!

Send a card to your relatives and they can help out too!  King Soopers cards are accepted nationwide at Kroger Co. family of stores, so they can use our Eagle Crest reloadable gift cards where ever they live, and a donation will be made to Eagle Crest.

King Soopers Community Rewards Information

Need a card?  You can pick-up a card at the Eagle Crest front office or at our EC PTO Community Meetings.

Have questions?  Contact us!

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