King Soopers Fundraising

update your king soopers loyalty card to elect eagle crest pto as beneficiary!

We will no longer be able to use the re-loadable gift cards as we have been. (Any cards you have now will continue to work as long as you have money on them, but we will not receive the 5% back after April 1, 2019.)

Instead, the Eagle Crest PTO will receive money back when you link your King Soopers loyalty card to our school. In other words, IT’S EVEN EASIER TO GIVE BACK TO EAGLE CREST!

Simply enroll online! The faster you link your account to Eagle Crest Elementary PTO, the more money we will raise!

To use the king soopers or city market community rewards program:

  1. Go to to create an account or sign into your existing loyalty account.

  2. After completing step one, go to:

  3. Click the “Enroll Now” prompt and enter the code GF290 to link your account to our school. You may also search by Eagle Crest Elementary Parent Teacher Organization.

That’s it! Every time you use your card, a portion will come back to our school. Please also encourage your friends and family members to enroll to give to Eagle Crest. City Market stores around the country utilize the same program, and shoppers in those markets can enroll using our same school code.

Thank you for registering and helping to spread the word! The King Soopers fundraising money is a critical part of how we meet our budget every year.

Do you use Click List at King Soopers?  Great news!  This new program makes it even easier to get Eagle Crest credit!

We earned over $8000 in the 2018-2019 school year!

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